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“There’s a lot of things I wanted to do and succeed in, but I fell down or stepped back or took a different course. I ain’t happy with myself, but I’m comfortable. I’m content. I have a dog and a place to live. I was homeless for 20 years. I used to sleep right here on these benches, and he lived outside with me. The place I moved into didn’t allow pets, but I wouldn’t live in a house without him, so they let me have him. He’s more than a dog; he’s my therapist. I wasn’t always a good boy. I couldn’t take responsibility for anything. Now I think about him. It’s only him and me. If I don’t come back home to feed him, he’s stuck in the house by himself. He’s my reason to come home.”
“How old is he?”
“Ten. We’re about the same age, we dress alike and we both have beards. We pretty much look alike.”


Powerful pic.

Legendary. Beginning of an era.